The market for renewable energies is growing rapidly. In the context of this rapid change, there are numerous opportunities for innovative services related to providing electrical energy. The metal-free redox flow battery is the ideal storage solution for long-term projects. As unaffected by volatile metal prices, the battery can be integrated at stable and plannable costs – a key advantage for project planners and their end customers.

Specific areas of use are: 

  • Renewable energy storage 
  • Charging stations for e-mobility
  • Off-grid applications / island operation
  • Self-consumption optimisation
  • Emergency power and uninterruptible power supply
  • Grid stabilisation
  • Energy recovery in industrial processes
  • And others


Industrial applications

With at least 10,000 charging cycles, it belongs to the most resilient battery technologies on the market and is therefore particularly suitable for industrial applications when linked to PV (photovoltaic) or wind power systems and to recover energy from production processes. It is neither flammable nor explosive, and it is free of heavy metals and acids, which means it offers high safety standards. Thanks to the metal-free active substances, our flow battery can be easily maintained and put in operation at reliable costs, facilitating project financing and insurance. It is also suitable for off-grid applications, particularly for island operation.


Application in power supply

Grid stability is crucial for successfully transforming the energy system. Storage buffers the fluctuating supply from renewable energies. Redox flow batteries are an ideal renewable energy storage solution with regard to their scalability, decentralised application, longevity and positive storage properties. Being metal-free, our flow battery offers additional environmental and safety benefits.

In comparison to lithium-ion batteries, the main competing technology for stationary storage, metal-free flow batteries can be manufactured in a much safer way. Our flow battery is environmentally friendly and all its components can be entirely produced in Europe. This meets with our mission to offer a safe, clean storage solution for green, clean energy. 


Stationary application in e-mobility

Stationary redox flow batteries perfectly complement with mobile lithium batteries in electric cars. They store the renewable energy until the car needs recharging, ensuring that electricity is always available. They also offer a cost-effective solution to extend the grid capacities of rapidly growing charging infrastructures.


Who uses our battery?

Our metal-free redox flow batteries are designed for large-scale systems (100 kW and up), thus they offer a suitable storage solution for e.g.

  • PV and wind farm operators
  • utility companies
  • infrastructure service providers
  • commercial and industrial enterprises
  • transport companies

With power and capacity being independently scalable, our battery offers a wide range of uses. Easiest to use is our ‘BASIS’ module rated to 400 kWh and delivering up to 100 kW.

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