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March 2022, Düsseldorf  Fair and conference have been postponed!

Energy Storage Europe Düsseldorf

Energy storage is about to change the energy world – all over the world. This is why ENERGY STORAGE is present worldwide. Energy Storage Europe is the leading trade fair for energy storage technologies comprising electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical solutions. It is where future energy systems can already be experienced today.

In the media

13 August 2021 | Thueringische Landeszeitung
Parliamentary group leader Anton Hofreiter visits JenaBatteries

May 2021 | Umwelt Briefe
News from industry and research: Metalfree flow batteries

23 March 2021 | Anleihen Finder
Interview with Dr. Olaf Conrad on crowdfunding, the future of batteries and JB Emission 2

12 February 2021 | Thueringische Landeszeitung
Metal-free batteries as big as a shipping container are developed in Jena.

13 January 2021 | Forum CSR
Renewable energy systems need storage: Flow batteries are an efficient enabling technology that secures the power supply after phase-out of coal and nuclear power plants.

01 October 2020 | P.M. Wissen
Battery research in Jena - How do metal-free redox flow batteries work? How do they store green electricity? The German TV magazine P.M. Wissen (knowledge) presents the technological development at Jena University and the industrial implementation by JenaBatteries.

02 September 2020 | ECOreporter
News from JenaBatteries - What do they mean for investors?

July 2020 | UmweltMagazin
Summary of the function principles and history of redox flow batteries. The latest generation stores electricity without metals and is establishing itself as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries. (Source:

27 March 2020 | Handelsblatt
The demand for flow batteries is growing. They fill the gap between lithium-ion batteries for mobile applications and power-to-x for very long storage times.

06 March 2020 | gwf Gas + Energie
The magazine gwf Gas + Energie reports on Best Cases in the field of energy storage.

February 2020 | pv magazine
JenaBatteries is "megawatt winner". pv magazine awards the metal-free flow battery as the top innovation of the year 2020.

07 February 2020 | ECOreporter
The chemical company BASF cooperates with JenaBatteries in the production of our metal-free storage materials and makes it possible to provide a cost-effective electricity storage technology.

22 January 2020 | Top agrar online
Our Managing Director Dr. Olaf Conrad in an interview with top agrar: Redox flow batteries for decommissioned biogas plants – Can biogas plants be converted into large storage tanks with metal-free flow batteries?

09 January 2020 | ZDF Markus Lanz 
Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow talks to Markus Lanz about the energy storage landscape and his collaboration with JenaBatteries (ZDF Mediathek, Minute 21:40)

26 August 2019 | Süddeutsche Zeitung
The Minister of Economy of Thuringia Wolfgang Tiefensee visits JenaBatteries and emphasizes the economic potential of Thuringia as a location for battery businesses.

11 July 2019 | Dutch Content Productions / RTL-Z
The Dutch business TV channel RTL-Z visited our EnergyKeeper project in the Netherlands and spoke with Andries Visser, Senior Researcher at Wageningen University / ACRRES.

28 April 2019 | Galileo / ProSieben
The Galileo team produced a feature on JenaBatteries: “The liquid battery: the solution to the lithium dilemma?” (Media Library, minute 2:20)

December 2019 | Discover Germany
Metal-free battery solutions for renewable energies. Discover Germany talked to JenaBatteries Managing Director Olaf Conrad.



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